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“Across time and space”–Daily Metta

“The law of love knows no bounds of space or time.”

-–Gandhi (Young India, 1-8-1925)

Modern science is only now catching up to the insights shared by the world’s great mystics. In quantum physics for example, we have the theory of nonlocality, demonstrating that a quantum event can take place in one region and affect another simultaneously. Einstein called it, “spooky distance effects” (spukhafte Fernwirkungen, thank you, Michael Nagler for the translation!).  But there is nothing spooky about nonviolence!

If people in Ferguson, Missouri, are inspired to follow the dedication of people half-way across the world in Gaza, that is the law of love traveling across the bounds of space. Even with the technologies that bind us together, the only “technology” that can convince a people to take up nonviolence is the heart–the deep desire to make long-term change for the good of all. That desire does not have to touch us physically in order to move us. It simply arises and we can catch hold of, and direct it.

Similarly, nonviolence transcends the bounds of time. There will never be a time when we cannot draw from the legacies of great teachers of nonviolence. They have hit upon a bedrock of reality itself. We can read the words of those who have seen the power of nonviolence, contemplate their truth and relevance, and allow ourselves to be changed by them. We do not need to have Gandhi in front of us to learn from him, we have only to invite his timeless message into our hearts.

Experiment in Nonviolence

If you could ask Gandhi a question about nonviolence, what would it be? Begin to research the answer.

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