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“Gandhi’s First Congress”–Daily Metta

“Practice as a lawyer was and remained for me a subordinate occupation. It was necessary that I concentrate on public work.”

-–Gandhi (Autobiography, Chapter 19)

Gandhi served as the Congress secretary, collecting membership fees and keeping their accounting systems spick and span (seriously, an entire section in his Autobiography is dedicated to his precision and discipline as an accountant). Other functions of the Congress, besides working on the bill, included serving as a discussion forum and collective voice for Indian concerns in South African politics, as well as inform with the intent to persuade the British in South Africa and in England about the violence and discrimination overwhelming the Indians in the colony.

Not afraid the break the law, nor ashamed to work within it (he was a lawyer, after all), he always had a constructive vein in him. After all, he is the man who said, “My real politics is constructive work.”

Experiment in Nonviolence

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