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“No greed, no armaments”–Daily Metta

“If there were no greed, there would be no need of armaments.”

-—Gandhi (The Mind of Mahatma Gandhi)

The Buid (pronounced BOO-id), an indigenous people living in the Philippine Islands, are often cited as one of those remarkable societies who have lived peaceably with the benefit of some nonviolent aspects woven into their culture. When Thomas Gibson, a British anthropologist lived with them for two years in order to understand their daily life, he had a hard time getting someone to help him learn their language. Why? Because the idea of selling something, like language lessons, or even trading for it, was outlandish to them. He quickly realized that they shared everything. The only way for him to learn the language was by showing he was trustworthy and by making friends. No room for greed at all and  consequently, no need for weapons manufacturers. Just need of the security that comes from having a strong, supportive community. Let’s be “greedy” for that.

Experiment in Nonviolence

When and why do you experience greed? Become aware of it and counter it with nonviolent resistance–radical generosity–the next time you feel it.

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