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“One Single Satyagrahi”–Daily Metta

“If one single Satyagrahi holds out to the end, victory is certain.”

-–Gandhi (Satyagraha in South Africa, p. xiv)

A person dedicated to “soul-force” or Satyagraha is a Satyagrahi. Gandhi reminds us that in Satyagraha, the struggle is less about numbers of resistors and more about the quality of our resistance. To that end, we may find that the act of one entirely dedicated person can be much more effective than large protests and gatherings of people who are not fully convinced of the power of nonviolence. We should take heart when Gandhi tells us that it only takes one person. Each one of us can be that person. We need not wait for or even expect others to stay the course with us. And yet, how courageous we must be to be willing to stand alone when it matters most.

Experiment in Nonviolence

Would you be willing to stand alone for something important to you? What effect do you think it would have?

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