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“The Practical and the Spiritual”–Daily Metta

“If any action of mine claimed to be spiritual is proved to be unpractical, it must be pronounced to be a failure. I do believe that the most spiritual act is the most practical act in the true sense of the term.”

-–Gandhi (Harijan, 7-1-1939, p. 181)

Seeking the practical is always a key path for Gandhi, and here he shows that the dichotomy between ‘spiritual’ and ‘practical’ that most of us believe in (suffer from?) is perfectly false — just as, for him and some other visionaries, there was no distinction between the ‘right’ (moral) choice and the most effective or practical choice.  And why he called himself, inspiringly, a “practical idealist.”

Experiment in Nonviolence

Starting with something small, and reasonably safe, do what seems to you the spiritual/moral thing to do even though it might seem ‘impractical’.  Track the results (bearing in mind the principle of “work” vs. work).

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