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“Service is all around us”–Daily Metta

“Service is not possible unless it is rooted in love, or ahimsa.”

-–Gandhi (Truth is God, p. 138)

In this system, we are told,  the more money you have, the more service you get. Let others make our food, wash our clothes, and make our commercial experiences pleasant. What great service!  But in doing so, we are also lulled into letting others make our choices for us. Don’t worry about the wars we wage, actually, don’t even think about them, we’ll think about them for you. Here’s a drink. How was your service today? Let’s not buy into it. Literally!

When Gandhi maintains that real service must be rooted in love or ahimsa, he is raising the bar. Can we have servicemen and women who do not learn hatred, but cultural sensitivity and nonviolence? Can we have relationships of growing service in our midst where those who have more see themselves at the service of those who have less, instead of expecting the opposite? Of course we can, and we have many examples of people doing just that. The key, Gandhi would urge, is that we expand beyond pockets of people here or there, by getting to the root and changing the way we view service itself, in its true meaning, so it becomes a force to uplift all concerned. A deep freedom is at the other end.

Experiment in Nonviolence

Every time you hear the word service, look behind it and see what is really meant.

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