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“As long as thou canst”–Daily Metta

“It is not possible to make a person or a society nonviolent by compulsion.”

-–Gandhi (Young India, September 13, 1928)

George Fox, founder of the Society of Friends (aka Quakers) was once asked by William Penn if he should go on wearing his sword now that he had adopted the Quaker vision.  He said to Penn, “Wear thy sword as long as thou canst” — as long as it has not become instinctively repugnant.  And in his footsteps Gandhi urged Indians not to abstain from fighting in World War II if their objection to warfare was not yet deeply established, second nature.  But he undertook to bring them along to that place where they could say no to violence by their own will, in full freedom.

Experiment in Nonviolence

Try to show someone the nonviolent path without forcing them, or leaving them without a choice, to take it.

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